Outstanding In Olive (Feat. Amazon Fashion + SheIn)


Whew! What a past couple of weeks. Between the snow and deep freeze we've been dealing with here in the 'Burgh (But hey, at least we should have weather in the forties over the weekend!) and me heading back to class at Point Park University, I feel as though I already need some down time. So today, since my first class was cancelled and I had a little extra time, I decided that before heading to the city for my later two classes, I'd grab some comfort food for lunch at my favorite local pub Bridgetown Tap House.

But, before grabbing my Velvet Elvis Burger and a Guinness, since school and the cold weather have also cut into my winter styling (Admittedly, I have been more concerned about being warm these days than carefully layering and styling my outfits), I took a little extra time today to put together a cool but classic winter look, that did not sacrifice any warmth for style.

Winter Greens

For this winter street style look, I chose to pair an over sized, olive green sweater from my sponsor and affiliate Amazon Fashion along with my long loved leather moto pants from my other affiliate and sponsor SheIn! The reason I chose these two pieces for my lunch outing followed by a day filled with classes, is because both of these pieces are perfect for winter due to the fact they are so warm. I also love these two pieces together because they make for a very grunge chic look, which is great for walking around the city between class breaks as well as looking stylish on campus.

The sweater itself I have to say though, is the most impressive in the warmth department. Though this sweater is not very heavy, it is made of a polyester cashmere blend making this piece extra warm, soft, and snugly. Personally, I would say that this sweater (which comes in five colors) is a must have staple piece in anyone's winter wardrobe. Since receiving this piece it has become my go to favorite because it is so versatile. For one, due to it being over sized, you can style this piece in many different ways, such as with tights or leggings and belting it at the waist, or off the shoulder with a strappy sports bra along with some yoga pants and sneakers for an awesome athleisure look. And of course, you can style this sweater for a more grunge chic or glam look like I have in this post! So, that's three winter looks out of one piece, and who doesn't love versatility?

The reason I chose to style this piece for a more glam look this time around though, is because the '90s are making a comeback this year (I may just be a little overly excited) and we will be seeing many styles reminiscent of the grunge fashion scene in the 1990s. So, I decided to get into the trend bright and early by pairing this over sized sweater with these black leather moto pants, some huge sunglasses, and my sky high Daf Booties just to add some extra edge to my look.

The reason these pieces work so well together is because though they are somewhat contrasting in style, they both bring something to the table. The sweater keeps the look casual enough that it dials down the glamorous vibe that the boots have when paired with the moto pants. And by pairing the latter two pieces with this laid back sweater, you have the perfect balance of edgy and casual, which is perfect for the grunge clothing trend this season.

To really pull my impromptu outfit of the day together, I chose to really load it up with some accessories to add to the grunge chic feel. The accessories I chose to pair with this look are my Manhattan sunglasses, House of Harlow 1960's hoop earrings along with two of their statement rings, and lastly my Hermes scarf. The reason I chose these accessories are because I felt they complemented the over all outfit and that the colors all blended very nicely. 

One Last Look

Finally, for my makeup, I chose to keep it simple with my City Minis Palette by Maybelline, Dior's "My Rose" blush, and the "Fawn Over Me" Liquid Lip Creme by Marc Jacobs Beauty. The reason I chose these simple shades is because I wanted to keep this look casual, and considering I went more glam with my accessories, I did not want my makeup to be too bold and take away from the outfits cool and laid back vibe.