How to wash/clean it:
Always remove pilling before cleaning. You can do this with a de-pilling tool or with a pumice stone.

1. Hand wash in a sink or basin with a mild detergent or a delicate care product like Zero by Woolite. Baby shampoos are always an option. Remember to use cool water – not too warm or hot to avoid shrinkage.
2. Squeeze out excess water. Try not to wring or rub the fabric too much.
3. Roll the sweater in a clean towel to remove excess moisture and lay flat to dry on a drying rack or towel. A great tip is to reshape the sweater while it’s flat. Avoid using a hanger to dry the garment, as it can distort the shape.
4. Finish by using a garment steamer to remove any wrinkles and restore the shape.

How to store it:
1. Store your knits in a dry, well-aired space with no direct sunlight.
2. During the summer months, fold and store cashmere pieces in large plastic bins for easy stacking. Steer clear of cardboard boxes, as the paper holds moisture.
3. Punch air holes in the lid to help with air flow.
4. Store your cashmere this way for up to 3 months at a time.

Note: Avoid storing your knits with hard products like leather bags, belts, jewellery and shoes, as the knits are delicate and can easily pull or snag.