How to clean/wash it:
1. Remove everything from pockets and zip up the item, if needed.
2. Follow the care label provided. In general, launder in cold water with a low sudsing detergent (ie. Tide HE Turbo), since you want to ensure all soap and residue is gone once you’ve washed everything.
3. Use a gentle cycle; too much spinning can ruin the down.
4. When drying, run the item through several ‘fluff’ dry cycles. Use tumbling and very low heat – too much heat can be harmful as can too much action.
5. Add a few tennis balls or dryer balls into the dryer to help beat out the moisture and re-shape the down.
6. Do not take the item out until it is completely dry. Avoid air drying or else mold and mildew can form.

How to store it:
Place in a breathable bag in a non-damp environment.