How to clean/wash it:
Velvet has to be one of the most complex fabrics to care for. My advice would be to run to the cleaners with it, they would know how to clean and dry it effectively to restore.
1. Use a tailor’s brush to fluff up the nap, however I would recommend asking the retailer, a tailor or dry cleaner to demonstrate exactly how to use the brush first, to ensure you don’t damage the fabric.

Velvet shoes:
1. Recommended to treat with upholstery cleaner before wearing them.
2. Clean any spots with warm, soapy water and dab on gently with a cloth.
3. Blot off to dry.

How to store it:
1. To store velvet, do so in a breathable garment bag.
2. Hang a cedar sachet along with the item to ward off moisture and moths.